10 Windshield Repair Myths Busted by Professionals

10 Windshield Repair Myths Busted by Professionals

Most of us may not realize how important a windshield is until something goes wrong with the one we have. Were it not for the windshield, drivers would be repeatedly assaulted by insects, flying debris, strong wind and, most dangerous of all, rocks of all sizes. It’s rocks (and similarly hard/relatively heavy objects) that create the most lasting, significant damage.

What will you do the next time your windshield gets damaged? Firstly, realize that repairing or replacing a windshield is primarily a safety issue. A partially cracked window is an accident waiting to happen; unfortunately, so is a windshield that isn’t properly repaired or replaced (e.g., one not properly secured).

For these all-important reasons, repairing or replacing windshields should be done by people who do this type of thing all the time, use the best tools, equipment and materials, are certified, highly trained professionals (not just people doing this on the side to make some extra money), are fully bonded, and can be expected t be around if problems arise and you need the job to be fixed or re-done.

In addition to being careful not to trust this rather complicated and potentially deadly (if improperly done) kind of work to just anyone, you should also be wary of the many misconceptions and myths revolving around the windshield replacement and repairing business. Listening to any of these too intently might lead you to make a wrong choice; secondly, only by getting accurate, up-to-date advice can we do what’s best for our unique personal situation.

With these things in mind, here are some myths to steer away from:

Windshield Repair Myths You Can Ignore

1. “Getting your windshield repaired will automatically lead to higher insurance rates.”

While insurance companies, in theory, can hike up rates after every claim, they know that such a thing would be a PR nightmare; after all, you can switch to another company at any time. Insurance companies won’t risk losing customers for claims involving the small amounts, relatively speaking, usually required for windshield repairs or replacements. Of course, if you have multiple claims that suggest you are a high-risk driver, all bets are off.

2. “Windshield repair companies (RPCs) are like the utilities guys–they will force you to take a day off from work!”

In most cases, you will find that the best RPCs will bend backwards for your convenience—i.e., they will come to the location of your choice (including your place of work), come at a time and day of your choosing, and, in general, take much less of your time than the utilities guys do.

3. “All windshield repairing companies are basically the same.”

Actually, there are 3 types of windshield repair outfits: a) the highly-trained, highly-experienced professionals with a good reputation to maintain, b) the amateurs that may not even have a location that you can go to complain at, if they make your windshield problem worse, and c) the WRCs that, for whatever reason, are no longer providing top-quality work and will probably soon be out of business. Which of these three would you like to do business with?

4. “You can wait indefinitely to fix a small crack or ding.”

Actually, that small crack or ding may keep growing until it becomes more expensive to fix. What you have to decide is, do I fix something that can be easily and inexpensively fixed now or do I wait to see what happens, most probably ending up in dealing with an expensive or, in worst case scenarios, a life-threatening disaster?

5. “It takes big, heavy rocks to damage a windshield.”

The truth is that even gravel can do heavy damage to a windshield, especially if you collide against it at 70 miles or more per hour. There are 4 things to consider: how heavy the object is, how fast you are traveling against it, where it hits (if hitting the driver’s side, even a small object can kill you) and the shape of the object (a lighter metal rod may do more damage than a brick).

6. “Driving around with a cracked windshield is okay–we all see people doing it all over town.”

In many locations, it’s illegal to drive with a cracked windshield; beyond that, it’s downright dangerous. A collapsing or cracking windshield can become a multi-headed, sharp and fast traveling projectile—perhaps more dangerous than a blown tire.

7. “There are lots of windshield repair companies out there.”

Actually, this is a highly-specialized type of business. You may find some amateurs doing it on the side but they’re not as reliable as the professional companies.

8. “All WRCs have the same pricing schedules.”

You should shop around, if you like. The best services have competitive prices, especially if you have no insurance—in other words, their prices are relatively low compared to other automotive services outfits.

9. “Repairing a cracked windshield looks mighty easy.”

No, they just make it look that way. The people doing this have years of experience and know how to deal with complications.

10. “All windshield repair companies give the same quality of service.”

If only that were true! The best WRCs have a reputation to uphold and generally employ only highly-qualified experts.

Go With a Trusted Expert

In this world, what you know can save you lots of money and time. By the same token, possessing the wrong facts can complicate things, cost you money and, sometimes, make you look, well, “uninformed.”

Don’t listen or pay attention to rumors or guesses; instead, call Anthony Volk Auto Glass today at (610) 436-9727 and get the latest, up-to-date and accurate information you badly need. More importantly, get the job done right, for the right price, under a good warranty and with the peace of mind that can only come from work done by a reputable company.

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