7 Telltale Signs That Your Windshield Was Not Correctly Installed

7 Telltale Signs That Your Windshield Was Not Correctly Installed

Having to get your vehicle’s windshield replaced can be a bit of a hassle, but for safety’s sake, it’s not something you should put off if you have broken or cracked windshield glass. If you’ve recently had your windshield replaced, of course you want to know that the job was done correctly. Unfortunately, poor technique and even downright carelessness during windshield replacement can lead to serious problems down the road. Be on the lookout of a few telltale signs that your windshield replacement job was botched.

There Was Only One Person Installing the Glass

Typically, a quality windshield replacement job will require at least two experienced technicians to handle the glass and ensure it is lined up properly before securing it. If you only saw one glass technician working on your windshield, then there’s a good chance it wasn’t done correctly.

The Installers Weren’t Wearing Gloves

It is vital that the installers of new windshield glass wear gloves so that oils are not transferred from the worker’s hands to the glass itself. This is because new windshield glass is covered with urethane, which is needed in order for the glass to be secured properly. If oils are transferred onto the urethane, this can reduce its adhesive strength and result in leaks. Ideally, the technician working on your glass should have been wearing a pair of new nitrile gloves. If not, then it may be time to have your windshield glass assessed to ensure there aren’t any leaks or other issues.

You’re Not Sure Where the Replacement Glass Came From

Having your windshield glass replaced with original glass directly from your vehicle manufacturer is key to ensuring a proper fit and long-lasting repair. Unfortunately, if you have no proof that your replacement glass came from your manufacturer, it is possible that the installers may have used after-market parts to cut costs. Even worse, they may have grabbed your replacement glass from a junk yard. A reputable company will be able to trace the glass directly to the manufacturer to make sure you have a great fit.

Water Seeps in Through Your Windshield

Have you taken the time to check your new windshield glass for leaks? If not, then consider taking your car out for a ride while it’s raining. Or, take your car through a local car wash and keep a close eye on the areas where the glass comes into contact with the edges of the windshield. If so much as a drop of water gets into your vehicle, this means that your glass wasn’t correctly installed and needs to be repaired.

You Notice a Strange Noise at Higher Speeds

Another common sign that windshield glass was installed improperly is the sudden appearance of a dull “whooshing” or similar sound, especially at higher speeds. More than likely, what you are hearing is the sound of wind getting into the cracks and crevices where your windshield was incorrectly installed. This noise can range from being barely noticeable to very distinct, depending on how poorly the installation job was done. The next time you’re driving at highway speeds, consider shutting off your radio, AC/head, and windows. This will allow you to listen closely for any noises coming in through your windshield.

The Glass is Visibly Wavy

When you look at your car in the sunlight, your windshield glass should appear smooth and consistent. If you notice any waves or bumps in the glass, this is a sure sign of a quality issue with your new windshield glass. This is yet another sign that your installer did not get your windshield glass from the manufacturer.

You Drove Your Car Shortly After Installation

Did your installers give you the “green light” to drive your car home immediately after the windshield was replaced? If so, then it’s likely your windshield is not correctly installed. This is because the adhesives that are used when securing a new windshield in place usually require a few hours to cure and harden. Driving your car before the adhesive has had a chance to do this will result in shifting of the glass as you drive. Even driving over the smallest of bumps in the road will cause shifting. Therefore, if you drove your vehicle within the first few hours after the new glass was installed, it’s almost guaranteed that the glass isn’t sitting right.

What to Do if Your Glass Was Improperly Installed

If any of these issues apply to your vehicle, you have enough reason to suspect that your glass was installed incorrectly. The next step you should take is to bring your vehicle into a reputable auto glass company, such as Anthony Volk Auto Glass, for an honest opinion. We’ll be able to provide you with a thorough assessment and can make any recommendations for repairs or total replacement of your windshield.

When we install new windshields, we always have at least two experienced glass technicians working on the job to ensure proper alignment and installation. This way, we’re able to avoid leaks and other imperfections that can affect your driving experience. We also specialize in glass replacements for high-end makes and models, and we’re able to obtain replacement glass that meets all OEM requirements. Furthermore, Anthony Volk Auto Glass is proud to offer a windshield replacement guarantee, so you can enjoy added peace of mind in the work you’re having done on your car.

Having replacement windshield glass properly installed is important when it comes to your safety on the road, as well as the safety of your passengers. If you suspect your glass has been improperly installed or if you’re in need of windshield replacement, contact Anthony Volk Auto Glass today at (610) 436-9727.

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