Can a Car Dealer Replace the Windshield?

Can a Car Dealer Replace the Windshield?

Especially for new cars, owners often wonder if a car dealership can do repairs. Yes, they can; although in most cases, there is no advantage to having a windshield replaced by the dealer rather than a car glass specialist.

It’s not always easy to know who to turn to or what company to trust to fix your car. You don’t really want to worry about the details, you just want to have the job done right. Windshield repair and replacement is no exception. There are two different options for new windshield installation – a car glass specialist or a dealer – but the advantages are largely the same. Below, we review the main differences between the service provided and factors to take into account when deciding how to get it replaced.

Car Dealer

New car dealerships can replace damaged windows and windshields. They work exclusively with OEM glass ordered from the vehicle manufacturer.

Car Glass Specialist

Auto glass companies offer a range of services for car owners. They repair cracks, replace side and rear windows and install new windshields. Services can be done quickly in the shop or you can request mobile windshield replacement to have the work done conveniently at your home or workplace.

Who Should I Trust for Windshield Replacement?

There are a few differences that you should consider when deciding who to call for windshield replacement. As you will see, car glass specialists offer advantages in terms of a lower price and convenient mobile services. In terms of the type of windshield installed, compatibility with advanced driver assistance systems and insurance coverage, replacement by a dealership and glass shop are highly comparable.


We get a lot of questions about how much it costs to replace a windshield. Price is a concern for most car owners. Market estimates generally show that dealers charge $150 – $300 more than auto glass specialists. This is true for any given car make and model, for both economy cars and luxury brands.

Why does it cost more to have the windshield replaced by a dealership? Some dealerships actually sub-contract replacement jobs to mobile glass services, which complete the work on-site. Then, the dealership marks up the final cost of the windshield replacement for the car owner.

Type of Glass

The price difference between a dealership and car glass shop is mostly due to the type of glass installed. Dealers usually have to charge more in order to cover the cost of original equipment manufactured (OEM). An OEM windshield is produced by the original supplier and is identical to the one that was installed on the new car. For most intents and purposes, however, aftermarket glass is just as good as OEM.

Car glass shops have the advantage of being able to install either OEM or aftermarket glass. Customers can request that the windshield be ordered from the original manufacturer, or they can go with the less expensive option. Aftermarket glass is made to meet the same standards of quality and safety that OEM glass requires. If your automaker recommends the use of OEM replacement windshields, both a dealer and a specialized glass repair shop can order the correct glass from the manufacturer.

Compatibility for Advanced Systems

One reason that a carmaker might advise the use of OEM windshield glass is to ensure the compatibility of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Talk to your service provider about any specific concerns, but proper function of all systems should be guaranteed either way.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance policies may require that windshield replacement be done using OEM glass for cars which are less than two years old. Check your policy to be sure that there are no particular restrictions on insurance coverage. Both an authorized dealership and a specialized auto glass shop should be able to meet the requirements to ensure full coverage for the work within your comprehensive or collision insurance policy.

But remember, car owners should always be free to choose which company fixes their vehicle. This is also true for car glass repairs and replacement. Insurance coverage is not limited to only the service providers associated with their car insurance agency.


Only a specialized car glass repair shop can offer emergency and on-site mobile services. For some customers, the convenience and time saved with mobile glass services is reason enough to make the choice simple.

Windshield Repair & Replacement Near You

You don’t have to worry about the details with a reliable auto glass specialist. At Anthony Volk Glass, of West Chester, Pennsylvania, we ensure customer satisfaction and safe windshield installation. Call us today at (610) 436-9727 or request an estimate online.

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