Why Choosing Your Insurance Provider’s Preferred Glass Company Could be a Costly Mistake

Why Choosing Your Insurance Provider’s Preferred Glass Company Could be a Costly Mistake Windshield Replacement Through Insurance When your windshield needs to be replaced, and the replacement is covered by insurance, what company should you choose? Before you go with the one the insurance company recommended, you need to know a little more about how the industry works. Taking that recommendation could leave you with significant regret!

Insurance Companies Are Businesses, Not Friends

Your insurance company wants to make you happy, but at the end of the day an insurance company is a business, and that business wants to save money. Often, insurance companies know the cheapest car glass replacement companies in your area, and will recommend that one to all customers. In other instances, the insurance company will take bids and will recommend the company with the lowest bid. Unfortunately, the auto glass replacement company and the one with the lowest bid are rarely the same company. If you take the insurance provider’s recommendation, you are going to end up with a windshield that causes you no end of problems. If you want to have a functional, attractive and problem-free windshield, you need to do your homework and choose a company for yourself.

Common Corners Cut By the Lowest Bidder

Maybe you are thinking that a windshield is a windshield, so what could really go wrong? Why not just save the hassle and go with the recommended company? Unfortunately, these low bidders have to save money somehow, and they do it by cutting corners to save time on the installation process. One of the biggest ways these companies choose to save time is to replace the windshield without removing the cowl panel, which is the lower cover that protects the wiper transmission. Instead of removing this, the installer will lift the wipers, remove the old glass, and replace it with the new glass. While this does save time, it can cause a number of problems, including:
  • Wind noise
  • Water leaks
  • Broke cowl panels
  • Cut wiper hose
  • Cut wires
  • Exposed metal leading to rust
  In addition to this, shoddy windshield installers may leave molding that is crooked or coming off of the windshield. They may also fail to put all buttons or screws back on the lower cover, and you may find that the new glass is scratched or chipped, putting the integrity of your windshield at risk. Quality of workmanship is another problem. If you choose to go with the lowest bidder offered through your insurance, your car may return full of debris and even broken glass inside. Black stains on the car from the installation process can also occur. Scratches and dents on the interior and exterior are also possible. If the glass is not properly installed and treated with a rust prohibitor, rust can quickly develop around the windshield. Cheap glass can look distorted or wavy, and you may notice that your glass leaks when it rains. If your car is equipped with a rain sensor, it may not function after a fast windshield replacement job. Installing a windshield involves more than simply removing the old glass and sticking a new piece inside. Today’s cars are precise marvels of engineering, including the windshield. Without attention to detail, which can’t be done by the lowest bidder, your windshield is going to cause you no end of problems.

Poorly Installed Windshields Can Be Deadly

Not only are today’s windshields installed with great precision, but they are also a major structural component of the chassis. The windshield is designed to provide another layer of protection to people inside the vehicle, while providing strength and stability to prevent the roof from crushing the occupants inside if the vehicle is involved in a rollover. When properly installed, the windshield will stay bonded to the vehicle in a crash, providing the protection necessary to keep the passengers inside the vehicle, which could end up saving a life. If an occupant is ejected from the vehicle during a crash, he or she only has a 25 percent chance of surviving the accident. In light of these facts, you can clearly see the importance of proper windshield installation. Unfortunately, approximately 7 out of every 10 windshields is improperly replaced. These poorly installed windshields leave the vehicle’s occupants in danger. About once every two weeks someone is killed in an auto accident involving a vehicle with a windshield replaced within the last 48 hours. Poorly installed windshields are dangerous, so choosing the wrong windshield installation company can put you and your family at risk.

Choose Wisely When Choosing Windshield Installation Professionals

If your vehicle needs the windshield replaced after an accident, and your insurance company has recommended a company to use, politely request to have your own installer do the work. Your safety and the safety of your vehicle are not worth saving a little time and money on the installation. For car owners in West Chester, PA, and the surrounding communities, Anthony Volk Glass offers the service of an experienced window installation team that prides itself on doing the job well. With over 20 years of personal auto glass experience, Anthony Volk and his team will ensure that your car’s windshield is properly installed, with no leaks, wind noises or safety issues. We always have two men on the job to ensure a perfect set, and we treat each car as if it were our own, giving it back to you better than you left it. We can work on cars of all types, including high end makes and models as well as work equipment. If you are in need of a new windshield, Anthony Volk Glass is here to help. We will help you work with your insurance provider to ensure coverage without putting your safety at risk. Contact Anthony Volk Glass today by calling (610)-436-9727 or request a quote to get the help of a skilled, professional window glass replacement company.

Anthony Volk

Anthony Volk is a third generation auto glass installer born and raised in West Chester, PA. With over 20 years of personal auto glass experience he and his team will bring that experience to you.