Is Gorilla Glass the Future for Windshields?

Is Gorilla Glass the Future for Windshields? The automotive industry is constantly evolving and new technology means increased safety and efficiency for car owners. Now, there is a new development in windshield glass that offers huge benefits for drivers and passengers. It’s called Gorilla Glass. The same innovative glass which is being used on smartphones to ensure that they are durable, lightweight and crystal-clear is now making waves in the car industry. Though carmakers are embracing it, consumers have a lot of questions about Gorilla Glass. Here’s a closer look at what it is, the benefits of windshields made with this glass, how it stands up to damage, and how it may shape the industry.

What is Gorilla Glass?

An incredible 4.5 billion electronic devices around the world are currently made with chemically treated glass. Smartphones, tablets, watches and more benefit from enhanced durability, lightness and visibility. Now, the Corning company has developed a new type of windshield that uses a similar technique to provide these advantages for drivers. Gorilla Glass is made by dipping the car glass into molten salt causing a chemical reaction in which sodium ions on the surface are replaced by potassium ions. The treated glass becomes the middle layer of a laminated glass sandwich. This inner layer is only half a millimeter thick and more than 75% lighter than the glass it replaces. The result is a windshield that is the thinnest, lightest and most tough that has ever been installed on a car.

What are the Benefits of Gorilla Glass?

There are four main advantages to using Gorilla Glass on cars: increased safety factors, durability efficiency and visibility.

Increased Safety

In the automotive industry, safety is always the most important factor. Gorilla Glass has been engineered to improve the maneuverability of the car. Because it is lighter in weight than traditional windshield glass, cars benefit from better handling and braking efficiency.

Increased Durability

Windshield techs know that airborne objects and debris kicked up on the road are the main cause of windshield damage. Windshields made with Gorilla Glass are not only more resistant to cracking and shattering. In fact, car owners are 50% less likely to need a href=”/blog/repairing-vs-replacing-car-glass/” title=”Anthony volk windshield repair replacement”>windshield repair or replacement.

Increased Efficiency

Traditional windshields typically weigh 40 pounds; Gorilla Glass reduces the total weight by about 40%, according to Corning. Thanks to this light-weight quality, installing Gorilla Glass can increase the car’s fuel efficiency a decrease harmful CO2 emissions.

Increased Visibility

From the inside, drivers and passengers also note the improved visibility that Gorilla Glass offers, as the glass is free of distortion and surprisingly clear. It has “three times improved optical clarity, delivering clearer and brighter windows that are also equipped to enable a three times larger viewing area,” explains the automotive experts.

Is Windshield Damage Less Likely?

Early testing of this innovative car glass has provided some promising results.
  • Gorilla Glass has been shown to be more flexible than traditional windshields. It is, therefore, better at resisting hail damage even at fast speeds.
  • This type of laminate car glass is more durable when hit with blunt stones or gravel, making it less likely to chip.
  • When pelted with sharp stones, Gorilla Glass was more resistant to developing the type of cracks that often spread and require full windshield replacement.

How Is It Shaping the Automotive Industry?

This special glass is expected to be used to make storm-resistant windows, more durable wearable electronics, and more. For the car industry in particular, Gorilla Glass is a revolution. Some predict that innovative windshield glass is the first step in developing integrated navigation technology and advanced head-up displays. With enhanced clarity and touch-sensitive capabilities, specialty car glass is likely to have responsive communication features in the future. Car buyers may soon be seeing windshields that operate more like smartphones or tablets. This will truly change the driving experience in the years to come. The Corning and Ford companies collaborated to make a Fort GT supercar model incorporating Gorilla Glass. The concept car was an amazing 12 pounds lighter. Plus, the windshield stood up well in multiple rounds of durability tests, including hailstones. We can only expect to see more car glass innovations at the coming North American International Auto Show and the New York Auto Show. For more news on developments in car glass technology, read Innovation Enables the Blind to Enjoy the View from a Car Window.

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