Your Heavy Equipment Windshield is at Risk: Find Out Why

Your Heavy Equipment Windshield is at Risk: Find Out Why

Even heavy-duty equipment needs check-ups. Your tractors, excavators, backhoes, bulldozers and semis might have durable glass, but they should still be examined annually. These machines are powerhouse movers, and they’re frequently exposed to the elements. Between cracks, chips and breaks, a piece of equipment’s glass can experience a good amount of damage.

The Tough Line of Work

At the end of the day, your equipment has it rough. The glass installed in heavy equipment protects its operator from flying debris. Because these equipment pieces are exposed to rocks, metal and stones, they’re more likely to sustain damages over the long run. Heavy equipment glass with large cracks and breaks can be difficult—and costly—to replace. For this reason, you’re better off repairing the glass before it’s too late.

Staying Protected

Your protection is vital. Heavy equipment glass acts as a shield, stopping flying debris in their tracks. If a machine’s glass is damaged, it won’t offer the degree of protection needed. Different machines use different types of glass, of course, and each can be repaired before considerable safety risks emerge. If a damaged window is laminated, tempered or flat glass, your provider can restore it to its original state.

Laminated glass, specifically, can be recut and resized before installation. Meanwhile, tempered glass can be installed quickly on your machine’s location. Heavy equipment glass replacement can be performed at your convenience, too, reducing overall downtime.

Work Interference

If a machine’s glass is damaged, it won’t be as efficient. Because broken glass is dangerous, it will likely result in stalled operations. For this reason, it’s important to target any damages before your machines are used consistently. While workplace stalls might be infrequent, continuous stalling can greatly reduce a workplace’s efficiency over time.

Damaged glass also obstructs the operator’s view, making it difficult to target specific areas, conduct certain tasks and even stay safe. All repaired glass meets OSHA standards, which are verified to prevent future breaks while also saving your company money.

Customizable Options

Understandably, every heavy duty work machine is different. Don’t worry: We’ve got you covered. Every project is customizable, and every solution is hand-tailored to your machine’s needs. If you need tempered or custom-cut glass, we can make sure your equipment is up and running in no-time. Remember: Your safety comes first. A high-quality glass repair job requires time, dedication and an eye for perfection.

Future Damage Prevention

We feel an ounce of prevention is incredibly worthwhile. Glass repaired following OSHA standards lasts. Don’t get stuck with long machinery downtimes, and don’t let your heavy equipment collect dust if its glass isn’t up to par, quality-wise. Most heavy machines, eventually, experience glass damages. Even if the damage is small, it can pose a considerable risk to you, your workplace and even your business.

If you want to get the machinery back to work, you’ll need to get it repaired. Unfortunately, too many providers neglect their machine’s glass—prioritizing a machine’s actual mechanics before its safety features. Make no mistake, however: A machine’s glass is vital to the safety of its driver. A small crack, today, might create a large network of cracks tomorrow. Your machinery deserves high-quality care, and we feel you deserve high-quality services.

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