How to Choose a Quality Auto Glass Repair Company

How to Choose a Quality Auto Glass Repair Company Auto Glass Repair Company The glass in your vehicle is one of its most important safety features. Not only do you count on it to provide a barrier between you and the weather, as well as the elements of the road, you expect your auto glass to remain intact during accidents. High-quality auto glass is also a necessity when it comes to ensuring that you can see well. Distortions and cloudiness can make it difficult to determine vital information such as your distance from other objects. When you need to have your auto glass repaired, you need to know how to find the right company to do so.

They Inspect Your Auto Glass

Purchasing auto glass from a reputable manufacturer is only the beginning. The right auto glass repair company is aware of the many hands that auto glass passes between and the shipping challenges it might face before it arrives at their door. This is why it’s imperative that the company you choose is hands-on about inspecting each piece of glass they install.

Dealer or OEM Glass is the Only Acceptable Choice

While many national auto glass companies manufacture their own glass, its quality often cannot compare to dealer glass. In many cases, distortions are present that can interfere with your ability to see through it correctly. New dealer or OEM glass is superior to generic glass or glass that has been repaired. OEM and dealer glass must meet certain quality standards that simply can’t be guaranteed with glass that is generic or that has been repaired.

Only High-Quality Installation Materials are Used

The material that’s used to hold your auto glass in place is extremely important. The right auto glass repair company will only use the same adhesive as the manufacturer uses themselves. The urethane that is used has a PSI of 1,000 and is designed to hold your auto glass securely in place during a collision. Urethane that is not of the highest quality doesn’t have the chemical makeup needed to hold up over time. It can break down and lead to a windshield that is loose. Wind noise and water leakage are also possible when cheap urethane is used on a windshield.

They Use Two Technicians for Installation

Installing your auto glass correctly is a two-person job. It is also a task that must be completed the right way on the first try. Since there is only one opportunity to correctly install the auto glass, there is no room for mistakes. A windshield that is improperly placed can result in a job that is shoddy looking. In addition, water and air could enter through an improperly-placed windshield.

Cowl Panel Removal is Required

In order for you to have a quality auto glass repair, the cowl panel — that plastic cover that is found along the bottom of the glass — must be removed. If it is not, when the auto glass is installed, the urethane might get pushed aside or the glass might not make contact with it at all. Some companies try to hurry the job along by sliding or dipping the glass so they can avoid removing the cowl panel. One way you can tell if the company you’re using is sliding or dipping the auto glass is if your windshield wiper blades are up during the process.

They Offer a Lifetime Guarantee

Your auto repair company should stand behind the quality of its work. One of the best ways of doing so is by offering a lifetime guarantee on their services. This is the mark of a company that knows they’ve installed your auto glass using the best materials and superior industry-standard methods. One example is the way the pinch weld is treated. The pinch weld — which is the ledge that the windshield rests upon — is very thin and prone to corrosion if not properly treated. A high-quality auto glass repair company ensures that the pinch weld is properly primed at each repair job so its integrity is assured.

Superior Customer Service

In these modern times, it seems that many companies make it difficult to speak with a real person who is knowledgeable about the issue at hand. Call centers are often employed by national chains to held the volume of calls they receive each day. Speaking to a person who has experience in the extremely hands-on world of auto glass repair is important to having your questions accurately answered.

Accommodating Your Schedule is Crucial

The right auto glass repair company works tirelessly to accommodate your busy schedule. Even though replacing your windshield is extremely important, they know that the rest of your responsibilities cannot simply be put on hold while you do so. Instead, they offer Saturday appointments — as well as those early in the morning and during the late afternoon hours — in order to suit your schedule. With more than 30 years of auto glass installation experience, Anthony Volk Glass is the go-to company when you need glass repair in West Chester, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. At Anthony Volk Glass, you get meticulous attention to detail as they treat each vehicle just like it’s their own. Contact us today to get a free quote and schedule an appointment.  

Anthony Volk

Anthony Volk is a third generation auto glass installer born and raised in West Chester, PA. With over 20 years of personal auto glass experience he and his team will bring that experience to you.