Identifying Good Auto Glass Warranties: Understanding Coverages and Checking Repairs

Identifying Good Auto Glass Warranties: Understanding Coverages and Checking Repairs

Most auto glass repairs come with a complete or limited warranty that’s designed to cover defects, damage or any other issues that are related to the repair work done. There isn’t one standard warranty for the industry, however, so exact protections often vary. If your vehicle’s glass is ever repaired, here’s what to look for in a warranty.

Robust Coverage for Glass and Installation

Of course, there should be coverage for both the glass and installation work (parts and labor). Most auto glass repair shops’ warranties do cover these two items, but they don’t do so equally. The most comprehensive warranties offer robust coverage for the following issues:

  • repaired cracks and chips that spread (for smaller repairs)
  • stress cracks that form after work has been completed
  • wind and water leaks that develop where the glass and vehicle’s frame meet

In some cases, rust on a vehicle’s frame will make it difficult to guarantee a perfect seal where the glass and frame meet. Glass repair shops often won’t offer warranty coverage against wind and water leaks when this happens, but any reputable shop will make you aware of the issue before continuing on with the repair work. They’ll let you decide if the repair should still be done, knowing that there’s pre-existing rust that could impact the repair work and will affect the warranty.

(Importantly, these coverages shouldn’t be confused with damage that’s caused by an additional incident that happens after repair work is done. Most shops won’t offer warranties for cracks, chips or leaks that result from future collisions or impacts. Shops might offer service plans that cover future incidents and some insurers provide optional full glass coverage, but these are distinct from warranties that back already-made repairs.)

Additional Coverage for Related Equipment

The warranty coverage offered for glass should be complemented with additional coverage for related equipment. Any defogger, radio antenna or opening/closing mechanism that runs through or is used with the glass ought to be covered. If any of these malfunction, it’s often necessary to redo the complete repair.

Moreover, you’ll want to check for these additional coverages regardless of whether the items were damaged when your vehicle’s glass was impacted. Even if a defogger, antenna or opening/closing mechanism isn’t damaged during an incident, it can be while the repair work is being done. Thus, having coverage for mistakes that affect the functionality of these parts is important.

Several Months of Coverage at Least

How long auto glass repair shops’ warranties last can vary dramatically. Some shops offer warranties that last only a little while, while others provide lifetime warranty coverage. Most shops offer at least 90 days of warranty coverage.

When evaluating warranties’ durations, look for one that lasts at least 90 days. Unless you have a seasonal vehicle that’s currently in storage, most repair-related issues will become evident within 90 days of the work being done. And, 90 days provides sufficient time to drive your vehicle around and check for problems.

Some repair shops provide lifetime warranties, but these often are gimmicky. A lifetime warranty immediately sounds good in a sales pitch, but the fine print of the warranty can be filled with loopholes that leave the driver with little protection.

If you can find a lifetime warranty that offers protection identical to what’s found in a robust 90-day warranty, you might as well get the lifetime warranty. Don’t be fooled into getting a lifetime warranty that has more limited protections and lots of exclusions, though. It’s better to have a robust 90-day warranty than a lifetime warranty that won’t actually cover issues. (Almost all auto glass repair warranties are non-transferable, regardless of how long they last.)

Time to Check All Repair Work

When you pick up your vehicle, take time to check the repair job yourself. What needs to be checked will depend on the location and extent of the work done. At the repair shop, check the following if applicable:

  • the radio
  • the opening/closing mechanism
  • the moldings (should be tight and properly aligned)
  • the paint (in case it was scratched during the repair)

You can check for wind leaks, water leaks, and defogger issues after you get your car. To check for leaks, drive at highway speeds on the way home and stop by the carwash. You’ll hear the wind when driving at high speeds if there are any wind leaks, and the high-pressure water at the car wash will instantly reveal any water leaks. To make sure the defogger works, get up early the next morning and turn it on to get rid of the frost or dew.

Before you leave, ask for a signed copy of the warranty if you haven’t already been given one. Place it in the glove compartment of your vehicle or a file at home, just in case you have a claim later.

Check the Auto Glass Repair Shop’s History 

The final item to check is the history and reputation of the auto glass repair shop itself. You’ll want to use a reputable repair shop, as they have a track record of performing good work without any issues. Additionally, look for a shop that has been around for a while because any warranty is only as good as the business that offers it. If the shop closes, your warranty will be worthless.

At Anthony Volk Auto Glass, we’ve been making auto glass repairs for more than 30 years. We have the reputation that comes with consistently providing high-quality service, and we stand behind our work with a robust warranty. To learn about our auto glass warranty coverage, call us at (610) 436-9727 or use our online quote request form.. We’d be happy to answer all your questions, so you can make the right decision when choosing where to take your vehicle for auto glass repair.

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