Reliable Repairs: Why You Need An Expert To Reset Your Door Glass

Reliable Repairs: Why You Need An Expert To Reset Your Door Glass

When it comes to making automotive repairs and upgrades, professional expertise is indispensable. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are among the most dangerous items ordinary people come into contact with, so if they are not serviced correctly, they create an enormous risk to their drivers and all others on the road. While few people would try to fix their cars’ engines or exhaust systems on their own, many do not realize that their windows and doors are just as important, and just as difficult to repair. In particular, if your door glass is off track, it is critical that you find an auto glass expert to reset it for you.

A Rundown on Window Regulators

Virtually all modern automobiles come with power windows, which you can raise and lower with the press of a button rather than by pulling a hand crank. Such windows rely on a device called a regulator, which is a small motor located inside the door. Under ordinary conditions, the regulator can move the windows upward and downward seamlessly. If it becomes damaged, however, there is no way to open or close the windows, leading to disaster if one of them is open and it starts to rain.

Like most drivers, you may regard your door glass as a relatively minor part of the vehicle, and thus think the stakes of trying to fix it on your own are low. In fact, such a repair requires careful training and attention to detail. Failing to follow professional protocols can turn a minor regulator problem into a much more serious automotive issue, dramatically raising the cost and inconvenience of repairs.

The Risks of Regulator Mistakes

In order to reset your window’s regulator, it is necessary to remove the door’s interior panel. If you do this without the proper training, you run the risk of:

Making Unnecessary Repairs

A window that won’t close could be the result of a broken regulator, but the problem might stem from a much simpler source. Perhaps you forgot to unlock the windows, or there is a blown fuse in a different location. Professionals will know how to troubleshoot all these problems and make sure the issue is actually with the regulator. If you attempt to make repairs on your own, you’re less likely to rule out such possibilities, and could thus end up taking the door apart unnecessarily.

Losing Key Parts

Removing the panel requires taking out a myriad of tiny bolts and screws, as well as metal and plastic clips. It can be difficult to keep track of so many parts of this size, and if you misplace one of them, you won’t be able to put the door back together. The longer your door’s interior is exposed to the elements, the greater the potential for damage due to water, debris, and other threats your car encounters on the road.

Shattering the Glass

While you reset the regulator, you will have to hold the glass from the window. Doing both tasks at once isn’t easy, and if you end up dropping the glass, it will likely shatter on the ground. Not only will this mean that you have to purchase more glass, but you could seriously hurt yourself if you come into contact with the shards.

Damaging the Regulator

Without professional training, you will likely have trouble diagnosing the problem with the regulator or addressing it correctly. You could end up further damaging the device. No only will this fail to address the existing problem, but it could mean that professionals will have to make more extensive repairs. This will increase the total cost of repairs and the time it takes to complete them.

Besides the threat to your vehicle itself, trying to reset the regulator on your own can also create financial issues. Depending on the specific terms you signed, performing your own repairs on sensitive parts of the vehicle could end up voiding your warranty, especially if you do not use parts from the original equipment manufacturer. A professional repair service, however, is much more likely to be able to offer the types of repairs and equipment that leave your warranty intact.

Professional Prudence for All Your Glass

In addition to regulator issues, professional support is essential for a wide range of other auto glass services. These include:

Crack & Chip Care

Serious auto glass damage often starts small. Relatively minor chips and cracks in your glass can expand until they compromise the entire panel. Professionals know how to stop this damage early and restore the glass to full strength. By contrast, if you try to fix such issues on your own, you may fail to fully restore the glass, and you could end up leaving a discolored area where the damage was that interferes with visibility. Professional service is particularly critical if the glass in question is from the windshield, as your car depends on that glass for structural integrity during crashes and rollover accidents.

Pane Replacements

If a piece of auto glass is already compromised, it is essential to replace it with another pane from the original equipment manufacturer. Professionals can obtain the new pane from the proper source and fit it seamlessly where the old one was. If you try to do this on your own, however, you may fail to fit it in properly. This can disrupt the paint and leave your interior exposed to outdoor elements.

Windshield Wiper Repairs

Windshield wipers are critical for driving safely in rain, snow, and other inclement weather. Professionals understand all the alignment and electrical issues that may cause problems with your wipers.

Anthony Volk Glass provides all these services and more for customers throughout the West Chester area. For more information on obtaining safe, reliable glass for your vehicle, give us a call today at (610) 436-9727.


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