Windshield Cleaning and Care Tips

Windshield Cleaning and Care Tips Windshield Cleaning Tips Windshield and glass care tips from the expert himself — Anthony Volk. As a third generation auto glass installation expert, Anthony Volk brings quality and know-how to every job. In this I-can-see-clearly blog, Anthony provides tips and tricks for cleaning automotive glass and caring for it too. Anthony Volk Glass provides outstanding service to the communities of Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Northern Wilmington.

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning a Windshield

Start with a glass that is free of large debris. While this seems straight forward people struggle with this part of glass care. It requires a different approach to removing large debris on glass. Before you even get the windshield wet. Take a moment and remove leaves, twig, and other debris that may settle around the base of the glass. The wiper arms often trap leaves. Gently lift up one wiper arm at a time and remove anything that is trapped there. It is also a good idea to clean the cowl area while you are at it. The cowl is the grate-like area between the hood and the windshield. On newer cars, this may be a gutter-like device. Make sure that area is clean because it can fill up with leaves and twice, snow, and even ice. All of which can damage your window if it comes free at highway speeds. Other big debris may include big bug splatters. If necessary, run your car through a car wash to remove the bug splatter and bird droppings. Both of these examples are often dried on and not pleasant to deal with. The car wash helps tremendously.

Clean Your Auto Glass in the Shade

Once you have prepped the glass by removing the big debris, find a shady spot to take your windshield to the next level of cleanliness. Start with high-grade products. We use “c” fold towels. They are absorbent and don’t leave lint or particles behind. They are also a sustainable product, which is an important consideration for home or business use. In terms of glass cleaner, just like the “C” fold towels, use a good brand. At AVG we use and recommend Sprayway Glass Cleaner. You can find it at many stores including online at Amazon, Uline, or Home Depot. We like Sprayway because it works well to clean glass and it is safe to use on every car from high-end luxury vehicles to your daily driver.

Trouble Shooting Glass Care

When it comes to cleaning and caring for automotive glass, most people think that dirty glass is due to the glass cleaner not doing a good job removing the grime. When you start with good products you get good results. In the case of dirty glass, it is unfortunately not always the glass cleaner that is at fault. The problem is more likely the way you clean a glass.

The Glass Cleaner Streaks

Never allow the glass cleaner to dry out on the automotive glass. When it does so, it streaks and becomes gummy. The proper way to clean glass is as follows:
  1.  Start with the outside glass.
  2.  Spray your glass cleaner on one-half of the glass area you are cleaning.
  3.  Make sure that you wipe the cleaner off the glass and that that glass is dry. If the glass cleaner is allowed to dry on the glass it will leave a residue.
  4.  Repeat with each of the vehicles windows and then clean the inside glass too. Always work in small sections. Remember to dry the cleaner using the towel. We use about 4 “C” fold towels per job.

Work Smart – Never Leave the Wiper Arms in the Up Position

Warning! Don’t leave your wipers in the up position while cleaning. They can snap back and cause chips, cracks or break the vehicle’s glass. Gently lift each arm, clean under it and then place it back in its normal position. Only then move on to the other wiper arm.

The Glass Is not Clean!

If it’s been awhile since your last glass cleaning you may have to go over your windshield a second time. Especially on the inside where condensation may cause dust to adhere to the glass. A good tip is to finish the entire project and then walk around the vehicle and look at the glass. Sit in the driver’s seat and see how clean the glass is. Repeat sections that need a second cleaning. You will thank yourself for the due diligence when the sun hits your windshield while you are driving.

The Last Details of Cleaning Auto Glass

It’s always a good idea to clean the outside mirrors while cleaning the outside glass. Be sure to gently wipe the rearview mirror while you are cleaning the inside. It is important that you not stress the mirror when doing this by applying too much force. They are only glued to the glass and you can pop it right off the inside of your windshield if you push too hard. A good rule of thumb is: You should be able to clean the rearview mirror without moving it. After you are complete done, inspect your glass and touch up any spots you missed. That little bit of extra care is worthwhile. The only thing left to do besides putting your gear away is to enjoy your clean glass. For more helpful glass care tips, or to repair or replace auto glass, bring your vehicle to AVG or contact us online with our form. You can also call us directly at (610) 436-9727. We are happy to answer your automotive glass questions.

Anthony Volk

Anthony Volk is a third generation auto glass installer born and raised in West Chester, PA. With over 20 years of personal auto glass experience he and his team will bring that experience to you.