Why Should You Replace a Damaged Windshield?

Auto Glass Replacement Your windshield, it is an important part of your overall safety. The windshield protects you from debris, weather, wind and gravel kicked up by passing vehicles. When the debris hits the windshield, it can sometimes cause scratches, chips, and cracks. Many people will ignore the damage and continue driving with the cracks or chips. This may be creating further damage, and could also be creating a dangerous situation. Airbags may not deploy properly if windshield is damaged

We Even Handle The Insurance Claim!

Confused by Insurance Coverage? No worries! We work with insurance companies every day and have direct relationships with many of them. So whether you are with a local or national provider, we’ll handle the entire claim process so you don’t have to. From your very first contact with one of our sales representatives, you will see the Anthony Volk difference. Not only will we provide you with a free, no obligation glass quote, we will also handle your insurance claim and come to your home or office to make the repair in as little as 1 hour. At Anthony Volk Auto Glass, we deliver total and complete convenience to every customer, every time.

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Door Glass Replacement

In most cases, when a side window of a car gets damaged, it will need to be replaced. window is another story. Car doors are opened and shut far too often for the window to stay intact before it shatters due to a crack or a chip. If your side window is damaged, it might be time to look into car door glass replacement at Anthony Volk Auto Glass. The Process of Replacing Car Door Windows
  • Inspect the damage.
  • Remove door panel to eliminate glass.
  • Vacuum debris and loose glass pieces.
  • Install new window.
  • Test for smooth correct glide.
  • Reinstall the door panel.
  • Clean all the windows.
Most car door glass replacement takes less than an hour. Our technicians are qualified to replace the glass in your doors in our shop. When you have a damaged side window, it is important that you get the problem taken care of right away. Because doors seem to take a beating with how much they open and close, a small amount of damage can become a big problem in no time. For the best in auto glass replacement, contact Anthony Volk Glass to have all of your questions answered and to schedule an appointment today. Can a Rear Windshield Be Repaired? A rear windshield replacement will typically need to take place if the windshield has any damage at all. Many times a front windshield can be repaired, but in most rear windshield cases, a replacement will be necessary. The good news is that at Anthony Volk Auto Glass, we’ve got the experts that you can feel comfortable leaving your car with. Our professional technicians are highly trained and qualified in windshield replacement, both for the front and for the rear. Even better – We can typically get the entire job done in as little as one hour, leaving you with a high quality rear windshield and plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your day.

The Process Of Replacing The Rear Windshield

  • Inspect the damage to the windshield to be certain that a replacement is the proper procedure.
  • Remove the damaged glass
  • Vacuuming the debris and broken glass out of the vehicle.
  • Install a new windshield in the rear of the car.
  • Test the defrost and other technological capabilities for functionality
  • Clean up the glass pieces in, on, and around your car.
car glass replacement

We Are Committed To Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience

When it comes to our customers, our first commitment is to them. We understand that you expect the best when it comes to rear windshield replacement and we strive to exceed your expectations every time we do business together. We believe we’re the best auto glass shop in the area and here’s why: Anthony Volk is a third generation auto glass installer born and raised in West Chester, PA. With over 20 years of personal auto glass experience he and his team will bring that experience to you. On a full windshield replacement, you will always get two men on the job guaranteeing a perfect set each time ensuring you will not get any leaks, wind noises, or other issues with your new glass. Our policy is to treat each car or truck as if it were our own and to follow all the necessary steps to guarantee that you get your car back better than you left it. We specialize in high end makes and models, but will replace your glass on anything from construction equipment to high end exotics.

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  • Let us know what insurance you have, if any, or what type of payments you are able to make.
  • Let us know what type of damage you have on your windshield, whether it is a crack, chip, or scratch.
  • Let us know the make and model of your vehicle along with which windshield is damaged – front or rear.
  • Decide if you would like us to come to you, or if you will come to us.
When we know just that small amount of information, we can give you a fair price quote and are certain that you will be satisfied with it.

Windshield Replacement Cost

The Cost Of Replacing Your Windshield

If your windshield is damaged in any way, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get it repaired so that you can avoid windshield replacement cost. The problem is that in many cases, a repair will not make the windshield safe enough to take out on the road. The type of the damage, the size of the chip or the crack, and the position of the chip or crack could play an important role in whether or not you should have the windshield repaired or replaced. At Anthony Volk Auto Glass, we will give you an honest assessment of your windshield damage to let you know whether we should go ahead with a repair or should look at a replacement. Our technicians are highly trained, certified, and qualified in the industry and are always willing to give you a fair price quote for your replacement. Get a Free Windshield Replacement Quote Today (Link)

Windshield Replacement Guarantee

Expert Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Automobile glass is warranted against defects in material or workmanship for as long as you own or lease the vehicle in which the glass was installed. After market truck sliders are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of installation.


IN NO EVENT SHALL ANTHONY VOLK AUTO GLASS BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Some states do not allow the exclusion, or limitation of incidental, consequential damages; therefore, the above limitation, or exclusion may not apply to you. In addition, damage not involving defective workmanship or materials is expressly excluded from coverage under this warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

HOW TO REACH Anthony Volk Auto Glass

If you do incur a problem that is covered by this warranty, you may contact Anthony Volk’s Auto Glass Division by calling (610) 436-9727 for the replacement or the repair of the warranted product.

General Information

Windshield Replacements With Adhesive
  • If your windshield was installed with an adhesive, Anthony Volk Auto Glass recommends that you avoid driving your vehicle during the curing period.
  • The adhesive used to install your windshield was designed to meet federal safety standards for retention in the event of a collision or rollover. To insure this safety feature, do not drive the vehicle immediately following instillation, until the adhesive has cured. Please allow six (6) hours or twenty-four (24) hours if your car has an airbag. UNTIL THE ADHESIVE HAS CURED THOROUGHLY, THE WINDSHIELD MAY NOT REMAIN IN POSITION DURING A ROLLOVER, PUTTING PASSENGERS IN THE VEHICLE IN DANGER OF SEVERE OR FATAL INJURY.

Windshield Repair

The process involved in repairing a windshield involves the injection of special adhesives into the damaged part of the glass. The degree of success of each repair is a function of several variables. The best results are obtained when the damage is recent, the point of impact is small, the cracks around the damaged area are small and there is no moisture or foreign matter in the damaged area. In some cases, the attempt to repair the windshield can result in the chip or crack becoming larger. Anthony Volk Auto Glass is not responsible for such damage.