Rear Windshield Replacement

A rear windshield replacement will typically need to take place if the windshield has any damage at all. Many times a front windshield can be repaired, but in most rear windshield cases, a replacement will be necessary. The good news is that at Anthony Volk Auto Glass, we’ve got the experts that you can feel comfortable leaving your car with. Our professional technicians are highly trained and qualified in windshield replacement, both for the front and for the rear. Even better – We can typically get the entire job done in as little as one hour, leaving you with a high quality rear windshield and plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your day.

The Process Of Replacing The Rear Windshield

  • Inspect the damage to the windshield to be certain that a replacement is the proper procedure.
  • Remove the damaged glass
  • Vacuuming the debris and broken glass out of the vehicle.
  • Install a new windshield in the rear of the car.
  • Test the defrost and other technological capabilities for functionality
  • Clean up the glass pieces in, on, and around your car.
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