Identify the Names and Uses of Automotive Glass

Identify the Names and Uses of Automotive Glass

There are multiple types of car glass. It’s important for car owners to understand how these components are made and the purpose they serve. Anthony Volk offers comprehensive automotive glass services.

In his own words, Anthony lists the pieces of glass from front to rear. Let’s have a look.

Front Windshield

The first piece of glass that you encounter on most vehicles is its windshield. Also known as a windscreen on European cars. The windshield plays a critical role in supporting the structure of the car and protecting the driver and passengers.

Front Vent Windows

Moving away from the windshield and towards the rear of the vehicle, the next pieces of glass might be the side vent windows. These are more prevalent in older vehicles. Many newer vehicles now offer molded door glass that replaces the vent windows with a single piece of glass. Vent windows are small triangular pieces of glass with their own frame fitted into the window and door frame.

Side Door Windows

The door windows that roll up and down adjacent to the passenger seats may be controlled by a manual lever or an electronic button. One difference between the front and rear window is that, on some vehicles, the rear door glass does not roll all the way down as a child safety feature.

Quarter Glass

This small window is actually located in the rear body panel of the vehicle. Quarter glass usually cannot be opened.

Rear Windshield

Like the front windshield, this piece of glass may have an embedded antenna, defrosting wires, and even a wiper unit. In some vehicles, the rear glass is not fixed, but may lower like the door glass. Many pickup trucks models have rear slider windows

Sunroofs, Moonroofs & Specialty Roofs

Moonroofs and sunroofs are very popular as a way to increase air flow and natural light within the interior of the car. They usually open in two different ways: tilting up as a vent or opening completely. Panoramic roofs and all-glass-roofs are typically in a fixed position, although some newer models can be opened.

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