Windshield Pitting: What Causes It and What to Do About It

Windshield Pitting: What Causes It and What to Do About It

When your windshield is intact and functional, it’s easy to take it for granted. In fact, on any give day, you simply look right through that finely engineered piece of auto glass, without considering all the important functions that your vehicle’s windshield plays in your driving safety and enjoyment. Over time, windshield pitting can mar the surface of your auto glass, affecting the vehicle’s appearance–and creating hazardous visibility and crash safety problems.

What is Windshield Pitting?

When you think of windshield damage, most people think first of major, sudden damage—like car crashes. The windshield of a totaled car comes to mind. You might also think of a car that’s had a boulder (or a smaller object) fall on it, cracking (or chipping) the windshield. But windshield pitting is far more gradual damage that requires prompt attention and repair to keep you safe on the road. Windshield pitting is wear and tear damage. It’s less obvious and less well known than car accident windshield damage, but pitting can make driving dangerous.

Windshield Manufacturing, History and Purpose

Windshields only became standard equipment in 1915, when they were flat, plain glass or resin-coated glass. Since then, the windshield’s role has become more and more important. Modern auto windshields are made using polyvinyl laminate, between two tempered glass layers, to ensure that any glass shards or fragments stick to one another and don’t cause injury in a car accident. Today, windshields house high-tech that sensors control electronic features and windshields form part of the strong uni-body construction of the vehicle. All this, and they don’t pop out when your airbag goes off! (Your passenger could be ejected from your car if that were to occur.) Suffice to say, windshields do a lot for vehicle safety, and require expert replacement due to window pitting.

How Does Windshield Pitting Happen?

Windshields undergo wear and tear, right along with the rest of your car–and your windshield glass is actually quite vulnerable. Although your windshield is made of thick, smooth-appearing, shatterproof glass, it can be scraped and scratched from everyday road hazards, friction and harsh weather. Over time, all the inclement weather and rough road conditions you’ve driven thorough, or parked in, take their toll.

These common situations cause windshield pitting:

  • Windblown sand (acts like nature’s sandpaper)
  • Any small, sharp object propelled by wind
  • Debris thrown up by nearby vehicles tires
  • UV rays and heat from hours (and years) of direct sun
  • Rain or snow plus pollution
  • Salty air and sea spray
  • Road salt and gravel used on icy, snowy roads

Why Be Concerned about Windshield Pitting?

The many strong, although mostly tiny, daily impacts that your car undergoes can combine to create progressive windshield damage. This wear and tear on your windshield becomes more obvious the longer you own your car and the more miles you drive. The degree of damage depends on where you drive, where you park and the type of driving you do.

Major risks of driving with a pitted windshield:

  • Driving into the sun (or toward other car’s headlights at night) can be blinding, even with minor windshield pitting
  • Severe pitting causes windshield distortion and windshield glare, which can interfere with road visibility in the best conditions
  • Pitting weakens your windshield–and the structural integrity of your front end, so you’ll have much less protection in a front end crash or rollover
  • Pits only get worse, and can lead to cracks and further windshield damage

Windshield Pitting Repair in West Chester PA

For troublesome windshield pitting, replacement is the only fix. If a shop suggests they can polish the pitted surface, walk away. This would weaken the windshield and make it unsafe. Minor windshield holes or cracks can be drilled and filled for repair, if they’re outside your main visual field when driving. Be sure any shop you choose to work on your windshield conforms to the standards and practices set by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) and techs should be certified by the National Glass Association.

How Costly is Pitted Windshield Replacement?

When windshield pitting is severe, the situation is serious. You have to factor in the value of your safety, which means this type of windshield repair must be a priority. In many cases, you can’t afford not to do it. High quality windshield replacement or repair is crucial to keep you safe on the road. Visibility problems are just one danger of a poorly repaired or replaced windshield. Only an intact and expertly installed windshield properly supports your car’s structural integrity. Your windshield is responsible for partially protecting you in case of a rollover and it’s part of your car’s safety restraint system. With this in mind, low price must not be your main consideration in choosing your West Chester PA windshield repair expert.

Finding the Best Workmanship and Best Price for Windshield Repair or Replacement

When you need windshield repair, choose an auto glass expert who’s not interested in profits over safety. Select a shop that keeps its pricing modest and keyed to the type of windshield and complexity of installation. For high-end cars with higher-tech windshields, including defogging capability, rain sensors and more, prices should still be reasonable. Complex shapes (like the Prius’ uniquely curved back windshield) may take a bit more time to install. If you have an older, classic car, sourcing and properly installing your windshield may be more time-consuming and costly than a newer-model economy car windshield. Chances are, however, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your windshield replacement price quote at Anthony Volk Glass–and we guarantee you’ll be delighted with our windshield replacement service and workmanship.

Get Expert Replacement for a Pitted Windshield in West Chester

At Anthony Volk Glass, our meticulous care, and familiarity with all makes and models of cars, trucks and other vehicles, ensures your new windshield will perform properly. Your new auto glass will shield you from excessive road noise, allow no air or water leaks, and perform any integrated technical functions as designed. We’ll restore the comfort, safety and appearance of your vehicle with an OEM windshield that fits and performs perfectly.

If you’re experiencing road glare or suspect you have a pitted windshield, visit At Anthony Volk Glass in West Chester, PA, for a windshield inspection and repair. Our time-tested and technology-driven craftsmanship delivers you a new windshield that really performs like new. Get a quick, convenient, quality solution for your pitted windshield from our expert team. Contact Anthony Volk Glass for pitted windshield replacement at (610) 436-9727 or request an appointment online!

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